Is Limestone Paving Any Good?

How much does a 12×12 paver patio cost?

A paver patio costs $10 to $17 per square foot to install, with most homeowners spending between $1,900 to $6,800 depending on the size, labor, and materials….Paver Patio Cost.SizeAverage Installation Cost10x10$950 – $1,70010×20$1,900 – $3,40012×12$1,400 – $2,50012×24$2,700 – $4,9005 more rows.

What is the best type of paving slabs?

Porcelain Paving Porcelain slabs will not fade over time, so they tend to be very long-lasting and will stay looking clean for a much longer period. They are great if you’re after a modern, easy-care patio solution (opens in new window).

Is limestone cheaper than sandstone?

This means that it’s hard for algae, ice or anything else to get inside and damage the stone. Due to their makeup, lighter colours of both sandstone and limestone tend to be more porous. … Both can be cut and shaped with ease, making installation cheaper than harder stones.

Which is stronger limestone or sandstone?

Like limestone, sandstone is a sedimentary rock, formed by the settling and compression of materials over time. … While limestone’s density makes it strong under heavy pressure, sandstone is harder and provides better resistance against heat and impact.

Which is cheaper slabs or block paving?

The only drawback is slab paving will be more expensive than block. It is up to you as to the look you require.

Is limestone paving slippery when wet?

The more expensive natural stones – granite, limestone and basalt – are often slippery when wet and should have a textured surface applied before laying. … Algae are the scourge of paving stones and there are many products available on the market to help deter growth.

How long does limestone paving last?

Both can withstand tough weathering, and all our limestone and sandstone paving is guaranteed for 12 months, so in the unlikely event of any problems, you’re covered.

How much does limestone slab cost?

Natural Stone Slab Steps PricesTypeMaterials Per Linear FootAverage TotalLimestone$25 – $50$1,300 – $3,250Slate$30 – $55$2,000 – $5,400Sandstone$30 – $50$1,750 – $4,500Flagstone$15 – $55$900 – $5,5003 more rows

Are limestone pavers expensive?

A lot. Whereas a bluestone patio may cost approximately $16 per square foot installed, the cheapest limestone starts there and prices can climb to as much as $40 per square foot; surface or edge treatments will add to the final tab. But limestone is worth it.

Is concreting cheaper than paving?

Pavers vs concrete: cost If your choice between pavers or concrete comes down to cost, concrete is the cheaper option per metre – up to 15 per cent cheaper than pavers in some parts of Australia.

Why is limestone so expensive?

The cost of natural stone is mainly driven by two factors: rarity and accessibility. … These factors influence the final price of the stone so although limestone is generally more affordable, a rare limestone that’s travelled a long way may be more expensive than a local marble.

How can you tell if a stone is limestone?

During an acid test of limestone (like the lemon juice test that you mentioned or a vinegar test), the presence of calcium carbonate in the rock will cause the rock to fizz. If nothing happened during your test, it is possible that your water was either not acidic enough, or you do not have a limestone.