Quick Answer: Which Newspaper Has The Matric Results 2019?

Which newspapers will publish matric results?

How you can get your matric resultsCellphone.

Caxton Local Media have partnered with the Department of Basic Education and the class of 2019 can register and receive their matric results via SMS and USSD.

The newspaper.

The high school you attended.


Rekord East.Rekord North.Rekord Centurion.Rekord Moot..

Is matric results out 2020?

Motshekga announced that the Matric Class of 2020 will receive their results on the 22nd of February 2021.

How can I check my matric results online 2020 Gauteng?

How to check matric results onlineVisit the government website above.Register using your details. … Click on the link for 2020 NSC exam results.Enter your examination number.Your results will appear on the screen.Click the download button and print.

How many points do you need to pass matric?

What a learner needs for different pass levels?Pass LevelPointsBachelor Pass- 4 in four high credit subjects – 3 in home language – 2 in other two subject Total points: 23Diploma Pass- 3 home language – 3 in other four high credit subjects – 2 in other two subject Total points: 192 more rows

How can I get my matric 2019 results?

Dial *120*45856# enter exam number to register. You will be charged R1-50 per minute and the results will be sent to your phone as soon as they are available.

What date will matric results be released?

The SABC Education Matric Results service will release the results to all students across all provinces who have registered, using the SMS or USSD line on the 22nd of February 2021.

How many matriculants passed 2019?

800 000The official matric results for the Class of 2019 have been revealed, after Education Minister Angie Motshekga addressed the media on Tuesday evening. The 800 000-plus matriculants who passed this year ended up improving on last year’s official pass rate of 78.2%, adding another 3.1% to the total.

How can I pass matric?

Exam Preparations – Tips to Pass Matric 2020Outline Your Goals. The biggest mistake you can make is studying without a goal. … Start as Soon as Possible. Get an early start and work through solving problems. … Make Sure You’ve Covered Everything. Avoid getting caught off guard by question papers.

How can I check my grade 12 results online?

Students can check for the 2020/2021 grade 12 results using your Mobile Phone through the following procedure;Open the message pad on your Mobile Phone.Type the Full Examination Number (Leave Space)Type Examination Year (Leave Space)Type Examination Grade and then.Send to 8383.

Is IEB harder than NSC?

The IEB exams are considered by many teachers, parents, students and universities, both within South Africa and abroad, as a more challenging and comprehensive assessment than the State NSC. … SATs (or ACTs) are required for all major U.S. universities – the IEB NSC does not exempt students from this requirement.)

How can I get my matric results via SMS 2020?

Go to your high school on 8 January 2020. Results should be available as from noon. Send your ID number and exam number via SMS to 35658. Both numbers must have 13 digits to be accepted and there is a once-off cost of R3.

Where can I rewrite my matric?

If you do not qualify to write the supplementary exams, then your options are:Go back to school. Re-do your matric year as a full-time school student. … Study part-time at a Public Adult Education Centre.Do the mid-year Adult Matric Exam.Register for Vocational training at an FET or TVET college.