Why Does The Poet Look At Her Mother Again?

What is the main idea of poem?

Main idea is what the poem is mostly about.

It’s not a summary because it doesn’t contain many specific details.

The main idea is the idea that all those little details go to support.

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What does the poet’s smile signify in the poem?

Answer. In the poem, ‘My Mother at Sixty Six’ the poet, Kamala Das smiled to hide her anxiety and fear of the unknown. She smiled again and again because she wanted to hide her emotions. … She smiled in order to reassure her mother that she would see her again soon.

What does poet do when she look back at her mother at airport?

At the airport the poet, Kamala Das, feels fearful of leaving her pale, ageing mother alone and unattended. She has an ache and fear inside her heart and is not sure if she will be able to see her mother again. She hides her feelings of anxiety by giving a long and cheerful smile to her mother as she bids her adieu.

Did poet share her thoughts with her mother?

I think the poet’s childhood fear was that she would lose her mother or be separated from her and that death would consume her mother. (c) Did the poet share her thoughts with her mother? The poet did not share her fears and agony with her mother. She only bid good bye to her with the hope of seeing her soon.

What condition was the poet’s mother in when she found her?

4. What condition was the poet’s mother in when she found her? Ans-The mother was whimpering like a baby and squealing like a baby bat. 5.

How does the poet bring out the irony of human relationship?

According to the poet, irony of human relationships lies on the fact that intimate relationships can become burden sometime and we need to carry such relationships that made by our birth. In this poem, the mother does not expect anything from her daughter, and she never said to her daughter to stay back with her.

How does the poet describe her mother?

In the first stanza of the poem, the poet describes her mother as a very old lady who was dozing on their journey to Cochin. Her mouth was open just like how the mouth of old people becomes when they sleep. Her facial expression was grey that has been compared as similar to that of a corpse.

What do the first two lines tell us about the poet’s feeling for her mother?

The poetess is feeling helpless about her mother in the first two lines of the poem. Explanation: She starts the poem by saying that her mother has turned sixty and her health is declining day by day.

How did the poet’s mother look when she looked at her again after the airport’s security check?

(a)After the security check, the poet stood a few yards away from her mother and looked at her face again. (b)The late winter moon lacks brightness as well as strength. The pale and colourless face of the mother resembles the late winter moon.

How did the face of poet’s mother betray her thoughts?

The poet put that thought away because it rose in her a sense of guilt for being unable to stop her mother’s end and choosing her personal work over the opportunity to stay back with her old and aged mother. …

What does my mother at sixty six mean?

Answer. The significance of the title, ‘My Mother at Sixty Six’ is that the author is noticing how old and worn out her mother is by life, and is fearful that she might not meet her mother again even though she does not dare to voice it.

Why does the poet smile and what does she say while bidding goodbye to her mother?

She was suffering from aches of old age. The poet kept smiling and said, ‘See you soon Amma’. The poet could do or say nothing much but smiled at her mother because she her mind was filled with thoughts and fear that she might not be able to see her mother alive the next time she visits the city.

What does the expression smile smile and smile signify?

By “smile,smile,smile” She means to make herself and her mother hopeful to see each other again . It is actually a painful smile . The poet tries to conceal the swelling emotions by smiling . By using the poetic device of repetition has made the poetic language rich by depicting many hidden emotions through “smile”.

What does her smile signify?

Her smiles signify her helplessness at the face of her mother’s inevitable death. They express her love and concern for her mother along with the underlying pain and struggle that she undergoes in coming to terms with this bitter realisation.

Why was her mother’s face looking like that of a corpse?

As they were travelling, the old woman dozes off and the poet looks at he intently she notices that her mother is now old and pale. she looked like corpse ( dead body ) because her face was colourless and seemed to have lost the fervour of life .